sensd browser gets the job done!

About sensd Browser 

sensd Browser is an iPhone app that connects to a sensd server and visualizes the data it distributes.

Support for sensd Browser

If you have a problem with the app or if you would like to suggest an improvement, you can contact us through our email address.

Version 1.0.1 - released 2016-04-08

Bug fixes in the parsing of information from sensd. More resilient, but not immune, against garbage input. Still uses (only) tags ID, E64 or TXT to distinguish between nodes. All GPS location tags should work now, and if no GPS tag at all is present, the node is placed somewhere in the sea southeast of Stockholm.

Known issues in release 1.0.1

The graph view has lots of bugs. Most notable is when the x-axis is dragged "above" or "below" the screen (including top and bottom margins with tab bar etc) or when the y-axis is scaled to show values in the hundreds or thousands and above.

Version 1.0

First release. Probably lots of bugs and issues.

General information about the app

The app is not, currently, working in the background. If you switch to another app sensd Browser suspends. Data is not saved between invocations of the app, but is kept when the app is suspended. However, the graph view setup (which parameters to show, scale factor etc)is saved for each node, even between invocations.


The sensd open source software is used for collecting and distributing data from small environmental sensors like the WSN from Radio Sensors. The WSN is an example of internet of things-type of system: networked, small, low powered and low cost.

The app is used for observing the data flowing to a sensd server, regardless of where you are or if you have access to the sensd server. Easy and quick!